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DentalDesigner™: AbutmentDesigner™

Productive and flexible inside-out modeling.

3Shape's new generation of AbutmentDesigner™ offers extensive new functionality for faster and better customized abutment design, scan of wax-up abutments and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling and integrated design of abutments, copings/frameworks and crowns. Finally, the number of supported implants systems are increasing rapidly.

Implants are estimated to be one of the fastest growing areas in dentistry and maintaining high profitability. The newest generation of AbutmentDesigner™ enables labs to make the most of these opportunities. Creating customized abutments, implant bridges and bars by AbutmentDesignerTM does not just increase productivity by eliminating the time spent on waxing and casting, but it also increases accuracy and esthetic results - increasing profitability and dentist satisfaction.

Currently, AbutmentDesigner™ supports a large number of different implant systems covering all major players. The actual implant system libraries used in AbutmentDesigner™ are offered by different suppliers including both original implant manufactures and third party manufactures. Please contact your supplier to obtain the latest list of suppliers and supported systems.

The actual materials offered depend on the selected supplier, but AbutmentDesigner™ can design single material abutments, bridges and bars or apply pre-manufactured CAD/CAM abutments to be cemented together with a modeled customized piece.

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3Shape AbutmentDesigner Video Overview
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3Shape AbutmentDesigner™ :: Productive and Flexible Inside-Out Modeling.


  • Faster and better customized abutments - with new 3Shape parametric design
  • Integrated design - of customized abutments, copings/frameworks and crowns
  • Wax-up scan - of wax-up abutments and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling
  • Profitability - increasing profitability and dentist satisfaction
  • Implant bars & bridge - design of implant bridges and bars